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Hazel and Willow Class

Our Team                                                                                       Highlights of 2020

Mrs Brown                          Mrs Heaton                                                                                  

Hazel Class Teacher             Willow Class Teacher         



Mrs Acton                           Mrs Bratcher                     Mrs Jones                                                             

FS Teaching Assistant            FS Teaching Assistant          FS Teaching Assistant

Free the Vegetables!

In Autumn, we ‘Overcame the Monster’ of Evil Pea as we helped Supertato free the frozen veggies! We had great fun finding different ways to melt the ice but not injure the vegetables.

Christmas Magic!

We followed a ‘Journey and Return’ through the story of Christmas.

We were visited by two reindeer as they prepared to help Father Christmas on Christmas Eve.

Our Learning                                                                      
Our Local Library

Each week, we visit Wath Community Library to take part in stories, activities and borrow book. We have explored the library, met the Book Start Bear and joined as members this term.

Hazel and Willow classes are made up of 4 and 5 year old children, entering their first full time year of school. Although

the children are in separate classes for registration and specific activities, we work together as a holistic unit. Continuous

provision free flows around both rooms and our outdoor area. Our aim in both classes is to provide a happy and engaging

environment which enables our children to develop in the seven areas set out in the EYFS curriculum. Each day we learn

about phonics, maths and literacy through whole class teaching, small group activities and the wider environment.


At Wath Central, our curriculum is underpinned by a variety of concepts that link to the wider world, making an impact in

today's society. Due to the impact of COVID-19, a recovery curriculum will be established at the start of the academic year

and a focus on children driving the learning focus will be prominent throughout school. 


Our daily phonics lessons follow the Letters and Sounds Programme. In F2 the children will consolidate their Phase One

phonics, alongside learning the letter sounds of Phase Two. The aim of this phase is to introduce children to the initial

sounds that can be used to build frequently used words, both through reading and writing. Children then move to

additional sounds through Phase Three, increasing their knowledge of word building and sentence development.



Children have the opportunity to make marks, write and draw, both indoors and outdoors. Real life activities are provided

to stimulate their imagination and desire to write for a purpose, alongside developing their gross and fine motor skills.



Our environment provides opportunities for the children to develop their love of reading at a variety of levels. We link our home reading books closely to the children’s phonic skills and learning to embed this knowledge. Children read in small groups with an adult in class to support their phonic application. Each week children have the opportunity to borrow a books of their choosing from the school’s lending library and on our

weekly visits from Wath Community Library.


Children have the opportunity to access maths activities (Number and Shape, Space and Measure) while working

both inside and outside. They have the chance to develop deeper Maths skill and language while accessing familiar

concepts through a variety of activities. Every morning daily number work is rehearsed through relevant questioning

about the class.



​Children are able to go outside in all weathers to complete activities and to access the continuous provision. While outside they are able to develop their physical skills, imagination and creativity.


Important Information

  • We encourage children to play out in all weather, so please send appropriate clothing.

  • Please ensure your child’s reading book is available daily in their book bag.

  • Please ensure PE Kits are in school every day.

  • Every Friday morning we visit Wath Community Library, all adults are welcome to join us and take part in the session.

  • Keeping in Contact - At Wath Central, we share our achievements on various platforms. For day-to-day communication, we use ClassDojo where we share what we get up to during the day and communicate with parents about upcoming events. We also use our twitter (@wathcentral) to celebrate recent successes from our year group. Finally, keep checking here for highlights and recent happenings within our classrooms.

  • Helping at Home - Can you support your child's learning at home? Click here to visit our curriculum pages for tips and advice to support your child with online learning.

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