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Extra Curricular Activities


Club Length: 5 weeks (individual dates provided each half term)

Cost: £7.50 for half term


Being able to offer our children a wide range of diverse extra curricular activities is very important as it encourages them to become independent, confident and successful members of the community. Many of our clubs are run by members of staff and take place after school but we also run clubs at lunchtime and before school.

Clubs change each half term and a ClassDojo post and email will be sent home to outline schedule of available clubs. The list of clubs is ever changing but generally includes:

Arts –  Craft club, Music, Film

Sports – Multi-sports, Football

Languages – Spanish, British Sign Language

Reading - Book and Biscuit, Bedtime Story Time

In addition to our in school after school clubs, we also have a variety of sport and music on offer. Some of these are delivered by external providers or our Sports Curriculum Team. The costing of these activities differ from the in-school led clubs.

Music (Provided by an outside provider) - Guitar, Trumpet, Flute, Piano, Violin & Djembes lessons

Sports (Provided by JMAT specialists or our Sports Curriculum Team) - Athletics, Hockey, Cross Country, Football, Basketball

Please contact the school office for any additional information regarding our extra-curricular activities on offer.

A Piece of Central History - STEM Extra-Curricular Club (Robotics)

An internationally known club at Wath Central is our Nu-Alliance Robotic club. This involves the process of designing, building and programming a robot to compete in competitions. Following the most recent team's success at the recent Yorkshire/ Derbyshire Regional finals, both Wath Central Robotic teams Nu-Alliance and Galaxy Knockouts attended the UK finals for VEX IQ in Telford. They performed brilliantly against many secondary, selective and independent schools. Nu -Alliance won the Energy Award for their enthusiasm and motivation and earned their place at the Vex IQ World Championships in Kentucky, USA. See their journey below:


Opening Hours: 3:00pm - 5:45pm

Cost per session: £8.90

In addition to the school's extra curricular offering, we also facilitate a privately run company who run an after school club within our school. All children are invited to attend the club, which includes children from other schools within JMAT's Wath schools (Wath C of E and Wath Victoria).


The club is informal and friendly, allowing children a choice as to how they spend their afternoon..


Please enquire at the school office for more information.

Be kind

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