Welcome to Foundation Stage 1!

Acorns Class

Our Team                                                                                       Highlights of 2021
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What makes a colour?

In FS1 we have been learning to mix colours and we have been exploring the colours of Autumn in our environment before using paint to mix them.

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Mrs Turner 

Acorns Class Teacher 







             Miss Jones                                                  Miss L Holliday

             Acorns Teaching Assistant                              Acorns Teaching Assistant 

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What is a festival?

The children had the opportunity to learn more about different festivals and made clay diva pots to learn about Diwali.

Our Learning                                                                      
What is a shape?

The children in FS1 have  shown a great interest in shapes in their environment. They went on a shape hunt before having a go at drawing and naming their own shapes.


Acorn class is made up of 3 and 4 year old children. Some of our children attend AM or PM places and other children

attend the setting for 30 hours per week. Our aim in Acorn class is to provide a happy and engaging environment which

enables our children to develop in the seven areas set out in the EYFS curriculum. Each day we learn about phonics,

maths and literacy. Children have access to an indoor and outdoor continuous provision which enables them to explore

and get involved in numerous learning activities.


At Wath Central, our curriculum is underpinned by a variety of concepts that link to the wider world, making an impact in

today's society. Due to the impact of COVID-19, a recovery curriculum will be established at the start of the academic year

and a focus on children driving the learning focus will be prominent throughout school. 


In FS1 the children will be introduced to Phase One Letters and Sounds using the Twinkl scheme currently. We will update

once we can come in line with the rest of school and use Little Wandle Letters and Sounds revised.  The aim of this phase

is to foster children’s

speaking and listening skills as preparation for learning to read with phonics.

Phase one has 7 aspects​. This consists of: 

·         environmental sounds 

·         instrumental sounds 

·         body percussion 

·         rhythm and rhyme 

·         alliteration (words that begin with the same sound)

·         voice sounds 

·         oral blending and segmenting




Children can make marks both indoors and outdoors. Mark making activities involve using chalks, brushes and

water, paint, pencils and pens. The children through these activities can develop their gross motor and fine motor



Children have the opportunity to access activities while working both inside and outside while in Nursery. They

have the chance to develop their Maths skill and language while accessing the continuous provision in the setting.



​Children in FS1 can go outside in all weathers to complete focus activities and to access the continuous provision. While outside they are able to develop their physical skills, imagination and creativity.


Important Information

  • Each week children can choose a book from our lending library to take home and read, returning the book the following week.

Children can also borrow ‘Wordless Books’ each week to share at home.

  • We encourage children to play out in all weather, so please send appropriate clothing. We would also appreciate it is you could send spare clothes for your children to wear if needed.

  • Keeping in Contact - At Wath Central, we share our achievements on various platforms. For day-to-day communication, we use ClassDojo where we share what we get up to during the day and communicate with parents about upcoming events. We also use our twitter (@wathcentral) to celebrate recent successes from our year group. Finally, keep checking here for highlights and recent happenings within our classrooms.

  • Helping at Home - Can you support your child's learning at home? Click here to visit our curriculum pages for tips and advice to support your child with online learning.