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Governor Update: 

4 Feb

Governor Ben Keen joined school staff on the "Wednesday Well being Walk" around the local area. 

The Governors 

Governor Update: 

19 Jan

We held a governor meeting via zoom to catch up with how the school is managing home learning and class based learning during the lockdown. Although some families are struggling to join in with home learning, a lot of children are coping really well with the tasks set by the teachers. There are about 110 children who need to attend school at the moment, so staff within each year group are sharing the responsibilities of teaching both sets of pupils. Dojo has some great examples of home learning! Friday zoom assemblies are an opportunity for children to see their friends and share their learning. 

The Governors 

Governor Update: 

5 Jan

The Chair of Governors and the Headteacher had a discussion this morning after the Prime Minister told all schools to close at 8pm last night.


School is working really hard to make sure that home learning is offered quickly and that places are available for vulnerable children and the children of key workers in school.


We are very grateful that our wonderful parents are being so supportive and understanding through this difficult time. Huge thanks to the commitment of all our school staff to keeping our children learning and safe.

The Governors 

Governor Update: Autumn Term 2020

2 Dec

The School Governors had a meeting this week via Zoom. 
In this meeting, we found out how the children and staff are getting on in this difficult time, and that everyone is working really hard to make things as normal for the children as possible so they can enjoy learning at Central. 
We checked some of the policies including the behaviour policy. We were pleased that many children are showing great resilience and strength although a few are finding it harder to engage with learning. This is something we are working on with the teaching staff.
Another policy we discussed was the accountability for financial performance to understand where we are as a School. In this academic year we are financially stable, which is really positive but the next few years is something we need to monitor. One thing we need to focus on is pupil intake for the coming terms ensuring parents and children choose WCP as their school of choice. We therefore need to promote all the good things we are doing at the school and shout about why children should attend our school and your help in doing this would help greatly.
In addition we decided to start a school Facebook page that we hope you will support. 

"Wishing you all a wonderful festive season."


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