Our Core Values

Our Principles, Be Ready, Be Respectful, Be Safe.

Our principles set out the rules, relentless routines and visible consistencies that all children and staff follow. It is based on the work of Paul Dix and his book ‘When the adults change, everything changes’, Jason Bangbala’s approach and our work with Positive Regard, Barnsley. Good behaviour is recognised sincerely rather than just rewarded. Children are praised publicly and reminded in private.


‘’When people talk about behaviour, they obsessively search for the instant solution. Some peddle magic dust or ‘behaviour systems’ that glisten yet quickly fade. Others relentlessly scream for a bigger stick to beat children down with. Both extremes harbour an irresistible idea that there is a short cut to changing behaviour. They sell the lie that you can provoke sustained behavioural change in others without doing much hard work yourself. The truth is that there is no alternative to the hard work: building relationships with those who would rather not, resetting expectations with those who trample them, being relentlessly positive and sustaining a poker face when confronted with challenging behaviour.’’

Paul Dix, Pivotal Education


Our Dojo Values


Our Dojo values sit beneath the umbrella of our three principles and are threaded through everything we do at Central. We strongly believe that by encouraging, sustaining and enhancing these values, we can achieve the highest possible standard for every child in our school.


Our Dojo values our:


Be kind; be respectful

Be responsible

Be proud

Be creative

Be resilient

Be reflective

Be aspirational


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