School Meals

We operate a 4 banded dinner system.  This means that every day the children who have decided to have a school meal for that week will have a choice from 4 options, 3 hot and 1 chilled.  The chilled choice is the sandwich option.  The children make their choice in a morning and the kitchen staff cook to order.   

The cost of School Meals is £10.25 per week.

The cook and her team will cater for all special dietary requirements including allergies and food intolerances so please do not hesitate to ask.  The team will write a plan with parents to ensure that your child's needs are met. 


Our school lunch menu can be found by clicking the button to the right.

Take note on each menu for which week it relates to.


Free School Meals

If you think you may be entitled to apply for free school meals, please select the image on the right which will take you directly to the relevant Rotherham Council Page.