Implementation - English at Wath Central


In order to succeed in both education and life, we recognise that children need good linguistic knowledge and understanding. Vocabulary is the key for unlocking the ability to understand what they are learning but also plays an import role in communicating with those around them. At Central we want our children not only to use words but have a secure understanding or their meaning and how and when to use these appropriately.


Vocabulary Rich Environments

We understand that children hearing spoken words is an integral step in the development of children's vocabulary. We embrace opportunities for children to hear new and ambitious vocabulary in their day to day learning across all subjects. Hearing these words used in context is extremely powerful in helping children to understand and use this vocabulary accurately themselves.


Our school environment is vocabulary rich, exposing the children to different levels of vocabulary in many ways. Displays include subject specific vocabulary supporting the language development linked to all areas of the curriculum. Vocabulary that has been explicitly taught is also displayed. These words are referred back to and there is an expectation that children include these in their spoken and written work.


Vocabulary Teaching

We are currently incorporating the explicit teaching of vocabulary where children are not only exposed to but are encourage to explore and use a range of new vocabulary. We understand that Revisiting these word regularly and in different contexts/subjects is an essential part of our vocabulary teaching in order support the retention of the vocabulary taught.  The words we explicitly teach are chosen carefully and are those which are not necessarily subject specific but those which reoccur across a range of learning throughout the curriculum we deliver.


Celebrating Vocabulary

To celebrate vocabulary we focused World Book Day 2020 around words. We asked children to come dressed as a word for the day. The day was filled with creative activities where the children had to explore and use the words they represented.