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Our School Uniform

Every child is expected to come in school uniform every day except for P.E days, when they should come in the appropriate P.E kit.

The details of our uniform are as follows.

  • Red/White polo shirt

  • Red cardigan/ red sweatshirt/ red jumper

  • Grey or black skirt or pinafore.

  • Grey or black trousers or shorts

  • Sensible, flat shoes (for health and safety reasons)


Polo shirts and sweatshirts with the school logo can be purchased from Prestige Printers, Swinton and Pinders, Rotherham. Please ask school for further details.


In summer, children may choose to wear a red checked dress.

Please mark all your child's clothing with his/her name. Any items that are misplaced can then be easily returned. 

Guiding Principles

Whilst we recognise the desire for children to be fashionable, smart and tidy, some hairstyles can be a distraction in school. We ask for your support in sending your child to school with an acceptable hairstyle.

Children need to be safe, ready to learn and able to take part in all activities and for this purpose we ask that false nails are not worn.  In addition, the governors do not consider tattoo transfers or make up to be appropriate in school.

The school cannot accept responsibility for personal items at school. There is a box of lost property where misplaced items are placed. If your child brings home the wrong article of clothing by mistake we would appreciate it if you could ensure that it is returned to school at the earliest convenience.


Wristwatches are allowed but any other form of jewellery is not permitted. If your child has pierced ears they may wear studs. All other jewellery such as rings, bracelets or necklaces should be left at home.

The Governing Body support the Local Authority’s recommendation that all jewellery should be removed for physical education.   Staff cannot remove earrings.  However, as the Wath Learning Community’s PE policy states,  ‘If earrings cannot be removed, these must be taped up by the individual pupil themselves’.

We suggest that parents should wait until the school holidays to have their children’s ears pierced so that any issues regarding removal of earrings are avoided.

P.E Kit

On your child's allocated P.E day, your child should come to school wearing their P.E kit.  

Children’s PE kit should comprise:

  • Plain,  white T-Shirt

  • Plain, black shorts

  • Pumps or trainers

  • Socks

  • Plain, black tracksuit bottoms.

  • Plain, black sweatshirt (if you do not have a black, plain sweatshirt, children are welcome to come in red school jumpers.)


Kit Required for Physical Education

PE shoes must not be the same footwear as children are wearing for regular use.

For health and safety reasons, all kit should fit well without additional ties or laces and long hair should be tied back with a hair bobble

Please note that P.E. is a statutory subject and all children must participate. Children should only miss PE on health grounds. Parents are asked to inform school by direct contact, email or a note to give permission for this.

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