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All schools in England are inspected by Ofsted on a regular basis.  Our latest inspection took place in Spring 2022. This inspection was considered our first inspection due to Wath Central joining the James Montgomery Academy Trust.


Wath Central was graded as a 'Good' school.  


The inspectors visited classrooms to observe teaching and looked through the children's books to see the evidence of their learning.  They spoke to leaders of different curriculum subjects and senior leadership to understand how the school is run.  They spoke to parents and groups of children to ask their opinions about the school. 

Where is the report?

Wath Central was graded as 'good' school in 2022 by Ofsted inspectors.

The full report can be read here


What were the highlights of the Ofsted report?

'Pupils are proud to be part of 'Team Central.' 


'They enjoy learning at school.'


'Leaders prioritise pupils' well-being. They have created a nurturing atmosphere in the school.'


'Pupils usually behave well in lessons and around the school.'

'A curriculum which is filled with rich and challenging experiences.'

'Teachers support pupils with special educational needs and/or disabilities (SEND) effectively, using well-designed plans.'

'Staff are caring and form good relationships with families.'


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