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Making Payments - Cashless

Ways to pay cashless

Pile of Coins

What does 'cashless' mean at Wath Central?

We have become ‘cashless’ which means we no longer accept cash payments in school for the following items: 

  • Dinners

  • Visits/Trips

  • Residentials

  • Milk

  • Music

  • After School Clubs

School Money - Online

Parents/carers will be able to pay on-line via School Money.

The Log In screen will ask for your mobile number, email address, password and child's first name. The mobile and email address are the details you have previously provided for school. 

Please contact the School Office if you need a password reset link.

Pay via



Learn more about


PayPoint - Cash

To pay at a PayPoint, use the relevant bar code that has been issued for your child. The correct bar code must be presented at the PayPoint when paying. For example if you want to pay for School Dinners, use the Dinner Money barcode; a school trip, use the School Trip barcode etc. If you have any outstanding payments it will be allocated to the oldest outstanding payment for the barcode type you use. PayPoint payments take up to 48 working hours to appear on the School Money system.

The PayPoints closest to school are situated:


White Bear Convenience

0.26 miles away



0.30 miles away


Alternative PayPoints can be found via the link to the left.

School Office - Card Payments

We can take card payments in the School Office. Please phone or call in. You will need the card you wish to pay with.


Please note: when we process the payment, your bank may do an additional security check by either asking for certain characters of your security code (which you will have set up with your bank online), or by sending your registered mobile number a text with a code to provide to us to complete the payment. 

Credit Card
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