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At Wath Central, we are driven to provide children with a wide range of social and cultural experiences that they may not have access to outside of the school’s provision. We believe that providing children with experiences that will develop their holistic development has a direct impact on their attainment in their formal, academic curriculum. With this in mind, we have developed a range of entitlements listed in the ’70 things to do as Team Central’.

The opportunities offered as learning entitlements at Wath Central aim to build wider cultural capital, support raising attainment of all children and giving them the best opportunities for their future lives.

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We are #TeamCentral!
1.    Represent Wath Central

2.    Stand for election

3.    Shake hands with a leader

4.    Enter a competition

5.    Learn a traditional board game

6.    Solve a tricky problem . . .  as a team

7.    Organise a charity event

8.    Conquer a fear

We Are Authors!
9.    Get lost in a book

10.    Join a library

11.    Work with an author/poet

12.    Write to an inspiration

We Are Mathematicians!
13.     Know you’ve got the right answer before your teacher

We Are Historians!
14.    Travel through time

15.    Visit a museum

16.    Visit a historical site

17.    Become someone else for a day

We Are Geographers!
18.    Find North and follow it

19.    Look, listen, stop, think:
         a. in a seasonal setting
         b. in woodland
         c. under the stars
         d. amongst sculptures
         e. at a snowy landscape

20.    Visit a big city

We are Athletes!
21.    Try a new sport

22.    Watch live sport

23.    Learn to swim

24.    Walk for miles

25.    Climb a huge hill

26.    Take up dancing

We are Musicians!
27.    Learn to play a musical instrument

28.    Sing in a choir 

29.    Listen to live music

30.    Visit a significant theatre

31.    Perform on a stage and hear the applause

We are Scientists!
32.    Hold a scary beast

33.    Listen to a heart beat

34.    Fish in a rock pool

35.    Plant something and watch it grow

36.    Take care of an animal

37.    Make a home for a wild animal

38.    Receive first aid training

39.    Go stargazing

40.    Go bird watching

We are Respectful!
41.    Enter a sacred place
42.    Kneel and reflect

43.    Help someone in need

44.    Perform a kind deed without expecting anything in return

We are Designers! 
45.    Build a shelter

46.    Create wild art

47.    Walk amongst sculptures

48.    Make a sand sculpture

49.    Cook a meal and serve it to friends

50.    Try different foods

51.    Eat in a restaurant

52.    Meet a famous artist

53.    Design and build a product

54.    Design a film and show it to an audience


We are Fun!
55.    Blow bubbles

56.    Play in the rain and jump in muddy puddles

57.    Walk in the dark

58.    Watch a sun set

59.    Sing around a campfire

60.    Find treasure

61.    Ride a train, tram or bus

62.    Have a picnic

63.    Sleep away from home

64.    Go underground

65.    Play pooh sticks

66.    Paddle in the sea

67.    Make a boat and watch it sail

68.    Play in the snow

69.    Catch a snow flake on your tongue

70.    Climb high and swing through the sky

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