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EAL At Wath Central

As an inclusive school, we welcome children from all different backgrounds and cultures.  We value different languages and are keen for children to share their knowledge and experience of their own culture and languages. At Wath Central, we currently have a small number of children who do not have English as a primary language, which is gauged upon entry to school.

What do we mean by 'EAL'?


The term EAL stands for English as an Additional Language. This term is used when referring to pupils whose main language at home is a language other than English. At Wath Central we aim to work together to meet the full range of needs of these children and their families, ensuring they all feel valued in the Team Central community.

How do we support eal?

As a school, we recognise the importance of children achieving their potential no matter where their starting point is. As it stands, we have a small number of children who do not use English as their primary home language and therefore need additional support in the school setting. To this end, we assess the skills and needs of pupils with EAL on admission and provide appropriate provision according to their needs. We use a range of different strategies to support children as they develop fluency for the English language, thus enhancing both their social and academic experiences within the school environment.

Where can I get further information?

If you think your child might need extra help or support with their understanding of the English language, the first step is to talk to someone in school.  We will listen to your concerns and discuss how we feel we can best help. 

Following identification of children who speak English as an additional language, this will be upon entry into Wath Central, provision will be provided to support and deliver effective, tailored work.

Online Class

Click the picture link below to access the EAL Nexus Form.

Children using an ipad

Click the picture link below for advice for Supporting EAL at Home.

Learning is Fun

Please click the link below to read our Equality and Inclusion Statements.

Be kind

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