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Statement of Intent

Our English curriculum is tailored to ensure that our children have the fundamental skills both in reading and writing that enable them to succeed in school and in the modern world. We place a high importance on early reading, we see every child as a reader, promoting their love of reading from an early age. Our careful selection of high quality texts linked with our concept-driven curriculum develops children’s curiosity and encourages them to explore the world around them.


Implementation - English at Wath Central

English consists of many aspects of learning. At Wath Central, we plan to ensure that these areas are interwoven into our school day. Writing and reading are two main areas of the English curriculum which are taught through the exploration of a text. In addition, vocabulary is a key part of building upon a child's English skills. Early reading (phonics) is a key focus at Wath Central with children attending daily sessions to support a build up of skills. More information about our English curriculum can be found below:


English Curriculum


Early Reading and Phonics

Writing and SPAG

Useful Links

English Websites

Reading at Home

English Highlights

Local Links

At Wath Central, we have strong links with our local library. Every group has a chance to visit the library and sign up. We also enjoy listening to a story and completing activities linked to the story they shared. They even have their own library cards so that they can borrow books to read at home.

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