Early Reading and Phonics

Implementation - English at Wath Central

Phonics and Early Reading


At Central we provide the stepping stones for early reading through the quality teaching of phonics. This involves children learning to hear and identify sounds (phonemes) present in the English language and the spelling patterns that represent them. Our teaching of phonics is underpinned by the ‘Letters and Sounds’ scheme which is delivered in FS1-Y1.  These children have daily phonics sessions where they learn how to use these phonemes to blend together the sounds to read a word and how to segment a word into the phonemes in order to spell it. All lesson follow a four part format which includes a Revisit –Teach -Practice-Apply model and use a variety of engaging strategies. Phonics is closely monitored beyond Y1 and the phonics screening so that children entering Y2 and KS2, who have significant gaps in their phonic knowledge, receive intervention targeting their specific areas for development.


Progression of Skill

Sharing books

The teaching of phonics is also supported with the use of phonics reading books which we closely match to each child’s level and the sounds that they have been covering. These are shared at school and then taken home on a weekly basis. Children also share other texts and stories on a regular basis within the school week. During these sessions focus sounds and key words are continually draw upon to help continue and consolidate their knowledge of the sounds they are learning and in turn embedding these. The children will also discuss the texts they have share/read in order to develop their understanding of what they have read alongside their decoding skills.


Parent Involvement

In order to maximise the learning of phonics and early reading skills we encourage parent involvement right from Foundation Stage. Meetings to discuss what phonics is and how we teach this enable parents to support children at home and maximise learning. We also hold phonics workshops for parents who are invited in to take part in phonics activities, see what we do and also take ideas they can use at home.

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