Welcome to Year 2!

 Maple and Rowan Class

Our Team                                                                                       Highlights of 2021
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Superhero Visit!

Spiderman paid a surprise visit to our school as part of our ‘Do all heroes wear capes?’ topic. There was lots of media excitement around his visit which helped us to learn about how the media can influence us. He also inspired our writing too.


 Miss Jones                              Miss Wilkinson                                             Maple Class Teacher                Rowan Class Teacher



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Going Global!

After learning about our local area, we packed our suitcases and headed off with our passports around the world. On our trip, we picked up key information about Kenya, Canada, India and Japan and used this to help us compare Wath to another country.

Helping the Environment

We used a collage to recreate minibeasts for our 'Picture This' exhibition. Then, we decided to use what we know to make a lasting impact by using our D.T. skills to create bird feeders and minibeast hotels which we distributed around our wildlife and nature areas in school.

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Our Learning                                                                      

At Wath Central, our curriculum is underpinned by a variety of concepts that link to the wider world, making an impact in

today's society. Due to the impact of COVID-19, a recovery curriculum will be established at the start of the academic year

and a focus on children driving the learning focus will be prominent throughout school. 


In Year 2, your child will be involved in a variety of different reading activities. We have four reading sessions a week,

alongside our in-school library visit which takes place throughout the term. Using a novel of study, we link our writing

activities to reading and include a focus reading week at the end of each writing unit. As a school, we encourage children

to read at home at least four times a week. To encourage reading at home, we reward dojo points and children are entered

into a termly reading raffle to receive a prize for their hard work at home.



Children receive high quality English teaching daily at a level which is appropriate to their needs and as part of a learning

journey. To coincide with the teaching of reading, we have a text at the core of our English lessons. We then use the text

as a stimulus to produce interesting compositions and develop our writing skills through focussed SPAG (Spelling,

Punctuation and Grammar) sessions. Our texts will link to one of our concepts each term to encourage further links to our

projects. We also have discrete spelling sessions to study spelling rules appropriate for our age and study vocabulary

through discrete vocabulary lessons. 


Children receive high quality Mathematics teaching daily at a level which is appropriate to their needs and as part of a learning journey. Using advice provided by the Maths Hub White Rose scheme, children are encouraged to learn new skills, apply concrete understanding to problems and justify ideas through reasoning sessions. In addition to our daily Maths lessons, we also have Maths Meetings to develop the retention of key skills. These take place discretely and focus on fun, engaging activities to revisit prior learning.

SATs Information

In Year 2, children will take part in Reading, Maths and SPaG (Spelling, Punctuation and Grammar) challenges. We

aim to prepare children for these upcoming ‘challenges’ which they will take part in towards the end of the year by

practicing these many times in order to fully prepare children for this step. Writing is assessed separately through

teacher judgement.


Important Information

P.E. sessions - Our current P.E. days are Monday and Wednesday. We recommend that your child has their P.E. kit at school all week in order to participate in both of these sessions, including if some sessions have to be rearranged due to unforeseen circumstances. 

Homework - Reading cards and spellings are checked weekly on a Friday. Homework projects and the date they need to be handed in are provided on the project overview that you can access above. All children will be able to celebrate their project with the class and discuss the production of their homework.

Keeping in Contact - At Wath Central, we share our achievements on various platforms. For day-to-day communication, we use ClassDojo where we share what we get up to during the day and communicate with parents about upcoming events. We also use our twitter (@wathcentral) to celebrate recent successes from our year group. Finally, keep checking here for highlights and recent happenings within our classrooms.

Helping at Home - Can you support your child's learning at home? Click here to visit our curriculum pages for tips and advice to support your child with online learning.

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