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E-Safety - Internet Safety Code

Our Internet Safety codes 

have been put together by

our pupils for our pupils to help

ensure the safe use of ICT



social workers and other

professionals working with

children and young people play a

key role in supporting children

to learn about how to

stay safe on-line.’

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about e-safety at

Wath Central Primary


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 KS1 (Infants) Internet Safety Code

  • We only use the internet when a trusted adult is with us.

  • We are always polite and friendly when using online tools.

  • We always make careful choices when we use the Internet.

  • We always ask a trusted adult if we need help using the Internet.

  • We always tell a trusted adult if we find something that upsets us.


KS2 (Juniors) Internet Safety Codes

  • We always ask permission before using the internet.

  • We only use the internet when a trusted adult is around.

  • We immediately close/minimise any page we are uncomfortable with (or if possible switch off the monitor).

  • We always tell an adult if we see anything we are uncomfortable with.

  • We only communicate online with people a trusted adult has approved.

  • All our online communications are polite and friendly.

  • We never give out our own, or others’, personal information or passwords and are very careful with the information that we share online.

  • We only use programmes and content which have been installed by the school.

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