What we do and what we want to achieve

As a school, we want our children to make a difference in our community and during their lifetime. We want them to develop a curiosity for the world in which they live, a love of learning and be able to work collaboratively whilst expressing their individuality with confidence. In this way, we encourage our learners and staff to question the purpose of the learning and develop projects which will have an impact.  

Our Mission

We value every child for what they are and prepare them for everything they could be.


Our Vision


For us, education is about:

  • making memories and fulfilling dreams; It’s about the

  • joy of discovery and the expression of individuality.


  • children developing empathy whilst acquiring the

  • knowledge and skills to prepare them for life as a learner.


  • children feeling safe so they are ready to learn in the

  • calm and supportive environment that allows them to flourish and exceed their own expectations.


  • children understanding their role and responsibilities within a community; working together and accepting one another in an environment where diversity and inclusion go hand in hand.


We want our children to:

  • be committed to learning, to be positive enough to see challenge as an opportunity and mistakes as valuable


  • experience a curriculum that inspires and empowers them to be curious about the world; and to be brave enough to explore ideas and to question why.  


  • be filled with awe and wonder, to think creatively and use the power of their imagination.


For us it’s about togetherness.  It’s about inspiring a community to achieve success.

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"Creative people are curious, flexible, persistent, and independent with a tremendous spirit of adventure & a love of play."
Henri Matisse