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Useful Links for Parents

If you are a parent or carer, we hope you will find the many web links below useful.


The Curriculum

1. Safeguarding at Central

Advice and support for safeguarding at our school.

2. Childline

A support network for all children and adults.

3. ThinkUKnow

Useful advice for e-safety concerns.

4. Action For Children

Advice for social and emotional support and wellbeing.

5. Child Exploitation and Online Protection

Support for concerns around child protection.

5. Free School Meal Application

Information and application for Free School Meal Entitlement


1. Our Curriculum

Learn more about the curriculum at

Wath Central

2. Home Learning Advice

Information regarding home learning at WCP.

3. Tips and Links for English

Specific website links to support English

4. Tips and Links for Reading at Home

Support and advice for supporting reading development at home.

5. Tips and Links for Mathematics

Specific website links to support Mathematics

6. The Wider Curriculum

Useful links for supporting the wider curriculum.

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